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Video, why MTO Lithium battery packs are safer

Battery Sizes for Lithium Packs

Choose the battery that will fit your space. Select voltage then runtime which is rated in amp hour (Ah).  Most G & O scale locos draw 1-2 amps per hour or per motor.  ON30 & HO less than .5 amps.


Train-13. 18.5v 3 AH offset brick. Size: 66mm X 53mm X 34mm. Fits narrow Diesels, Aristo Dash-9, SD-45, LGB, USA S-4 & NW-2. @$75.



Train-11 18.5V 6Ah is a large brick for 4-6 hour runtime. Size: 90mm x 36mm x 66mm. @$126.

STD battery 14.8V 3.4Ah. Train-09 is a brick shape. Size: 66mm x 36mm x 40mm, @$59.  Train-18 is 1×4 flat pack. Size: 72mm x 19mm x 68mm, @$59.


Smaller packs for G, ON30 & O scale engines. Offer 1 hour runtime.

Train-16, 14.8V .8Ah Size: 50mm x 28mm x 32mm, @$49.   Train-21 11.1V .8Ah Size: 49mm x 41mm x 17mm, @$49.

Smallest packs for HO scale locos

Train-32, 11.1V .8Ah Size: 98mm long  x 16mm wide x 28mm high. To fit inside dummy units or steam tenders. @$49.