The Train Engineer/Revolution is Back and IN STOCK!!!

The Train Engineer/Revolution is Back and IN STOCK!!!

We are pleased to announce the Train Engineer/Revolution products are in stock. Featuring the Revolution on-board receiver with battery power and Super Base station for track power layouts. Call us with any question to link or set up your Revolution systems.

We offer a complete line of Nickel Metal Hydride & Lithium Batteries, Battery Install kits and Smart Chargers for your conversions.

Click on manufacturers for the Revolution products and Batteries and Chargers for these items.




  1. I just sent a letter to the editor of Garden Railways magazine about this unfortunate turn of events. I did a lot of research and comparison shopping before I bought the Revolution system. With lots of encouragement from Navin I now have 5 converted locomotives. I love the system and was about to convert one and possibly two more locomotives when. Heard that the business was closing.

    The Revolution system is the best thing that’s happened to my layout since I started in G scale almost 25 years ago. It has greatly improved the operation of my layout. I assume the components are manufactured on a contract basis. I’m hoping some company like USA Trains or some individual working out of their home will pick up the ball from Navin and make this great product available again.

  2. I have installed this product in 10 different Gauge 3 locos and am really disappointed that production has come to an end. They work amazingly well and are far superior to any other product I have had dealings with. Let us hope that someone else can take the business over.

  3. Like Jack above I was waiting to convert my 7th loco to the Revo system. I think it is the best system out there. I was stunned when I received an email from Navin stating that the doors were closing. I am hoping that someone will fill the void.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree. I had tried several systems before trying the Revolution. Unfortunately I was only able to buy a few units while they were still available. I too am hoping that somehow production of this very nice system will be picked up by another person or company. For me it is clearly the best system that I have tried – by a wide margin.

  5. I too love the Crest Train Engineer. I need some advise toMU my locos. I have 14 locos with link and cab numbers from 0 to #14. The instructions state that linking cabs #0 and #1 as Mu that it will be called #2. If I also have a SU loco called cab #2, will the transmitter confuse the MU #2 with the SU #2? Should I renumber the other SU loco cab numbers? I wish the instructions would go a step further showing the readings on the transmitter and show it when several locos are MU ed with persons with multi locos. I am confused.
    Thanks in advance of any info you can give me.

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